NAPO Washington Reports


May 11, 2021


Alexandria, VA – This National Police Week, we acknowledge the bravery, valor and sacrifice of the men and women in law enforcement.  The names of 394 officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to their communities were added to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C. this year.

There has never been a more challenging time in our nation’s history for law enforcement officers.  This past year, officers have been working in an untenable environment. They have been essential workers in the coronavirus pandemic, putting their health at risk to serve and protect their communities. They have been working double shifts and overtime on the front lines as cities and towns across the nation experience daily protests and all too frequent riots. Further, officers in our nation’s largest cities are experiencing significant increases in violent crimes – particularly gun-related crimes – that are straining the resources of departments.  They have been doing all this in the face of hatred for the uniform they wear, for the laws they are bound by duty to enforce.

As a nation, we must take this opportunity to recognize the men and women who serve their communities as law enforcement officers as a valued and integral part of protecting and enhancing the health, safety and welfare of our towns, cities and states.  Unfortunately, many of our nation’s elected officials are willfully ignoring the contributions and sacrifices made by law enforcement.  We call on all our nation’s elected leaders to show the political courage to honor those whose names were added to the Memorial this year and celebrate the acts of bravery of officers across the country.


Michael McHale