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PLEASE NOTE: This section is only for payment. If you are applying for a new membership, you must fill out and send over the Membership Application, along with a copy of your Law Enforcement ID Card or badge. 

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I, the undersigned law enforcement officer, do hereby apply to the National Association of Police Organizations, Inc. (NAPO) for renewal of my associate membership, in accordance with Article II of NAPO's constitution and bylaws. By submitting the application, I affirm that I support the goals and purposes of NAPO as outlined in NAPO's constitution and bylaws. I also acknowledge that there is presently no professional association or organization of law enforcement officers in my area which is affiliated with NAPO. Should such an organization exist now or in the future, I may then no longer be an individual associate member, but may remain active in NAPO as a regular member through the association or organization that is affiliated with NAPO.

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