NAPO Salutes the 2014 Top Cops Winners

Congratulations to this year's TOP COPS!!!




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2014 TOP COPS Awards® Winners


FBI Hostage Rescue Team

Special Agent Brock Bahe
Special Agent Rodney O. Draper
Special Agent Christian Galeski
Special Agent J. Michael Montoya
Special Agent Matthew R. Nagle


Phoenix Police Department

Detective Fabian Gonzalez

District of Columbia

Metro Police Department

Tactical Officer Dorian DeSantis
Officer Emmanuel Smith
Officer Scott Williams

United States Park Police

Officer Carl E. Hiott
Officer Andrew W. Wong

Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Special Agent Brian E. Kelley
Special Agent Edward J. Martin
Special Agent Joshua D. Powell


Miami Dade Police Department

Officer Mario Gutierrez


North Liberty Police Department

Officer Cody Lane Jacobsen
Sergeant Adam E. Olson
Sergeant Chris Shine

New Jersey

Trenton Police Department

Detective James E. Letts
Detective Edgar Rios

Mercer County Sheriff’s Office

Detective William Miller

New York

New York City Police Department

Police Officer Joseph John Koch


Boston Police Department

Police Officer Omar Borges
Detective Kenneth M. Conley
Police Officer Gregory R. Eunis
Police Officer Jarrod Gero
Police Officer Jean Gerard JeanLouis
Detective John B. Joyce
Police Officer Terence Long
Police Officer Gregory McCormick
Police Officer Richard G. Moriarty
Police Officer John Moynihan
Police Officer John M. Noberini
Police Officer Jason A. Nuñez
Police Officer Scott Pulchansingh
Detective Joseph G. Scaringello
Police Officer Dennis O. Simmonds
Police Officer Walter J. Suprey
Sergeant Detective Kevin E. Waggett

MBTA Transit Police

Police Officer Dic Donohue

Massachusetts State Police

Trooper Christopher J. Dumont

Watertown Police Department

Police Officer Miguel A. Colon, Jr.
Police Officer Michael W. Comick
Sergeant John C.P. MacLellan
Police Officer Timothy B. Menton
Sergeant Jeffrey J. Pugliese
Police Officer Joseph Reynolds
Police Officer Jean S. Sarkissian


Solon Police Department

Patrolman Steven Davis
Patrolman Nicholas Kline


Dallas Police Department

Detective Frederick E. Frazier
Detective Kurt Hibbets
Grapevine Police Department
Officer Ryan Sayre

2014 TOP COPS Awards® Honorable Mentions


Los Angeles Police Department

Police Officer Donald E. Thompson


United States Marshals Service

Deputy U.S. Marshal Judson Eastes
Deputy U.S. Marshal John W. Hess III
Deputy Sheriff David Jorgensen


Connecticut State Police

Detective Scott Wisner


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Special Agent Ryan D. Harding 


United States Marshals Service

Inspector Wendell R. Brock

Cobb County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Sheriff Steve Davis 


Boise City Police Department

Lieutenant Alan Cavener 


Chicago Police Department

Sergeant Robert Rubio 


Federal  Bureau of Investigation

Special Agent Kurt F. Dengler 


Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Special Agent Mike Knox 


Louisville Metro Police Department

Officer Hannah Carroll 


Montgomery County Police Department

Police Officer III Steven William Browne 


Detroit Police Department

Police Officer Charles Lynem 



Federal Bureau of Investigation

Special Agent Scott Hendricks  

New Mexico

ATF & Explosives

Special Agent Moisēs Maldonado
Special Agent David Tabullo

North Carolina

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

Sergeant Robert J. Whitley 


Norman Police Department

Officer Glenda Vassar 


Portland Police Bureau

Officer Paul Meyer 


Cleona Borough Police Department

Patrolman Matthew L. Bartal 


Davidson County Sheriff’s Office

Major Kevin Carroll

Gallatin Police Department

Detective Charlie Harris 


Wasatch County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Todd L. Bonner 


Loudoun County Sheriff's Office

Deputy First Class James Dale Spurlock, Jr. 


Vancouver Police Department

Corporal Marshall S. Henderson 

West Virginia

Wheeling  Police Department

Sergeant David Marshall Drahos 


City of West Allis Police Department

Sergeant Clinton Corwin