NAPO Washington Reports

Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Act

February 11, 2013

Take Action: Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Act Introduced

This is a bill which NAPO supports, and which can help law enforcement across the United States in its responsibilities in assisting those, and dealing with, citizens with mental health issues. 

Ask Your Members of Congress to Cosponsor today!!

Senator Al Franken (D-MN) and Representative Richard Nugent (R-FL) recently introduced H.R.401/S.162, the bipartisan Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Act (JMHCA) to reauthorize the successful Mentally Ill Offender Treatment and Crime Reduction Act (MIOTCRA). The JMHCA extends this important program and helps criminal justice and mental health agencies work collaboratively towards better outcomes. The bill:

  • Extends for five years the authorization for mental health courts and specialized police-based responses;
  • Authorizes investments in veterans treatment courts, which  serve arrested veterans who suffer from PTSD, substance addiction, and other mental health conditions;
  • Increases focus on corrections-based programs;
  • Supports the development of training  curricula for police academies.

Please help build congressional support for this bill by asking your Members of Congress to cosponsor!

The JMHCA has attracted a strong bipartisan support in both houses, but more support is needed. Please help build support in Congress for H.R.401/S.162 by contacting your Member of Congress to urge them to sign on to the JMHCA. Take action today!