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NAPO continues its Twitter Campaign and Prepares for Congress to return from recess

September 6, 2013

NAPO is continuing to work to expand its community of social media followers, and we are most grateful for your help with these efforts. 

The following link includes a Community Oriented Policing Services Podcast, which elaborates on the importance of social media in the law enforcement community:  During the Podcast, Lauri Stevens, the founder and principal consultant with Laws Communications, discusses the use of social media by law enforcement and the impact it has on communities.  (A transcript of the Podcast is located at:

The importance of social media cannot be understated.  It has become tightly integrated into our daily routines.  NAPO cannot miss out on an opportunity to share our mission and activities with a broader community of stakeholders and future members!  Please follow NAPO on Twitter, and encourage your members to follow us as well.  Our Twitter handle is:  NAPOPolice. 

NAPO Prepares for Congress to Return from Recess

NAPO has scheduled a packed agenda for next week, when Congress returns from recess.  NAPO’s Executive Director, Bill Johnson, is scheduled to meet with Vice President Biden and Attorney General Holder. 

Additionally, NAPO is scheduled to engage in the following activities next week:

  • Meetings with Congressional staffers on proposed modifications to the recent amendment to the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act
  • Participation in a Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Act Working Group to discuss ways forward to pass this important legislation
  • Participation in the monthly National Criminal Justice Association brown bag, which will include discussions on funding priorities and appropriations bills
  • Advocacy activities for the National Blue Alert Act of 2013 and attendance at next Thursday’s hearing (September 12th) on this legislation

NAPO will continue to aggressively engage members of Congress to advocate for our legislative priorities, and provide our members with regular status updates on developing issues.  (NAPO’s Legislative Priorities booklet is available at:

If you have any questions about NAPO’s social media outreach efforts, next week’s agenda, or NAPO’s legislative priorities, please contact Melissa Nee at:


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