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NAPO participates in Roundtable discussion regarding No Cells in Cells

August 16, 2013

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NAPO Participation in “No Cells in Cells” Roundtable Discussion

On August 12, 2013, NAPO participated in a “No Cells in Cells” Roundtable Discussion.  “No Cells in Cells” is a coalition of interested organizations and companies in law enforcement, corrections, telecommunications, technology, and victims’ rights.  Its mission is to educate members of Congress, their staff, and the Administration about the threat to public safety posed by cell phones in U.S. correctional facilities and to provide a forum to discuss legal technological solutions.  The coalition’s goal is to mitigate the threat to public safety posed by inmate access to cell phones in U.S. correctional facilities.  Below please find pertinent discussion points that were presented during this week’s meeting:

  • Individuals are using cell phones from behind bars to commit crimes in the general population.  The coalition’s goal is to find a funding mechanism to mitigate the threat to public safety posed by inmate access to cell phones. 
  • Only 26 states have recognized cell phones in prisons as a major public safety issue.  The coalition’s goal is for all 50 states to recognize this problem.
  • The National Organization for Victims Assistance (NOVA) is leading the coalition’s messaging efforts, which will clearly define this problem and emphasize the costs of not finding a solution.  (NAPO will contribute to messaging working group products).
  • Once the message is defined, the coalition will begin to meet with members of Congress to discuss solutions to this issue, including potential funding streams.
  • The coalition is focused on growing its membership.
    • Throughout the conference, coalition members reiterated that solving this issue will require cooperation with technology carriers and law enforcement agencies. 
    • The FCC will be invited to the next coalition working group, which will occur in approximately three months.

NAPO will provide feedback on future “No Cells in Cells” conferences as they occur.

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