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Senate Appropriations Meeting Mark Up

July 18, 2013

On July 18, 2013, the Senate Appropriations Committee held a mark-up on draft legislation that would make fiscal appropriations for fiscal year 2014 Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies (CJS) and Homeland Security bills. During the full committee mark-up, U.S. Senator Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.), Chairwoman of the Appropriations Committee, focused on the importance of funding the departments that keep us safe at home and that promote innovation and create jobs.   Both the CJS and Homeland bills were reported out of Committee by a vote of 21-9.

During her opening statements, Chairwoman Mikulski stressed the following points:

  •  The Commerce, Justice, Science bill keeps the American people safe, and helps our citizens prosper by making America more competitive, innovative, and resilient.
  • The Commerce, Justice, Science bill funds the federal law enforcement agencies that track down terrorists, drug dealers, child predators, schemers and scammers. The bill funds the Federal Bureau of Investigation; Drug Enforcement Administration; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; and the U.S. Marshals. It funds the federal prosecutors who put criminals behind bars and it funds the Federal Prison system in order to protect our communities.
  • The Commerce, Justice, Science bill also funds grants to State and local law enforcement to keep our neighborhoods and communities safe.  These grants are focused on prevention of crime, and they fund COPS hiring grants, as well as grants for equipment like bulletproof vests – so every officer who needs one can get one.  They also focus on intervention by funding juvenile justice grants that promote mentoring and afterschool programs that keep kids off drugs and out of gangs. 

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Labor Secretary Confirmation

On July 18, 2013, the Senate voted to confirm Thomas E. Perez as labor secretary. The Senate confirmed Perez on a party-line vote, 54-46